What to Look for in Strata Documents

This document will describe how the main components of the layers will work over time. In this document, you will find information about the repairs and maintenance that the building will need over time and how the reserve fund will cover them. You`ll also know if the reserve fund has enough money to cover the costs or if you can expect withdrawals in the future. Stratum documents inform you about the financial health of a condominium or townhouse development, the condition of community property, e.B. the building and its main systems, any rules or regulations that must be followed as an owner, and provide information on how shifts are managed. As your brokers, we will also review the documents so that we can mark red flags and answer any questions that arose during the document review. However, you must also take responsibility for reviewing Strata documents. Many of these documents below contain the most relevant and important information you should know about a condominium before removing your motives. What Strata documents should I read as a buyer? Well, here`s an overview of the Strata documents you need to go through! If you are considering buying or selling a Strata property and are looking for a broker who specializes in these properties, please call me Strata Plan is a document drawn by a surveyor and registered at the nearest land titles office. The strata plan is very important because it tells you the following: if the layers are layers of bare land or a plan of construction strata, if there are easements or rights of way that can affect the lot of strata you want to buy, do the strata lot number on the title and/or mlS inscription correspond to the strata lot number on the strata plan? strata?, Do the features like terraces, terraces, etc. Consistency with what is on the MLS list?, Are the features noted in the MLS listing part of the common ownership of the condominium lot or limited common property?, How is parking space displayed on the strata plan?, How are storage cabinets displayed on the shift plan?, Are parking spaces and lockers limited community ownership or community ownership?, What are the common areas and facilities, if any? We`ve received up to 600 pages of Strata documents per unit – and if you, as a buyer, don`t know what to look for, you`re probably missing something.

Is the Strata Council acting quickly on important issues? Are they responsible for their budgeting practices and the provision of external services that are required? Are there regular complaints about neighbours that are worrisome? You can get an overview of these kinds of questions in the newspapers. Do you have more questions about Strata Docs or Strata Condominiums, Townhomes, Maisonettes or Barelandschichten in Victoria? Just send us an email with one of your questions. A Form B is simply a snapshot of Strata Corporation for that particular period and is subject to change the next day. If you are reading an updated Form B, make sure that no significant changes have been made. An engineering report includes an analysis of one or more Strata Corporations building components such as hull, structure, mechanics, electrical systems or equipment. Minutes of stratum meetings from the last two years – Stratum minutes can tell you a lot about what is happening in a stratum. I usually order the last two minutes for review. Some of the things you should pay attention to when reading the minutes are: Are all the minutes there?, Does the minutes refer to legal opinions or technical reports that you have not seen?, Are there any legal actions mentioned in the minutes that are not disclosed on Form B?, Is the issue of condominiums mentioned in one of the protocols?, Does the protocol contain “red flags” on the layers? What can you learn about shifts by reading the newspapers? By reading the logs, you can learn more about ongoing projects, repairs, and shift issues. You will also learn how these issues have been handled. You`ll also get an idea of how the Strata handles issues and how proactively it handles repairs and complaints. There are several Strata documents that your buyer`s agent will ask the seller`s agent for you. In general, your broker, as well as yourself, will read these documents carefully.

It`s important to read this document so you know exactly what you`re buying and to verify that the square footage on the MLS feature sheet (if not measured by professionals) matches the shift plan. If there is a discrepancy between the Strata plan and the mlS details, you should ask yourself why. These documents (abbreviated as a general meeting) will cover the past year and especially the future of the building improvement plan, the budget and everything that is important or must be agreed by the owners. Here is if the condominium fees are not enough to cover the expenses of the building and will increase. You will learn about all the improvements that have been made and whether the schedule in the depreciation report is being met. They will also elect the Strata Council for next year. In addition, the depreciation reports will break down what is expected over time for repairs and maintenance, and they will also assess the performance of the emergency reserve fund based on these repairs. It usually describes your building`s finances over time and whether or not homeowners should expect special levies, as the eventuality cannot fully fund the necessary repairs. Think of your depreciation report as your long-term inspection report, but instead of being for the unit, it`s for the building as a whole.


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