What Is Contingency Contract Arknights

How do you? I started about 2 weeks ago. Am I okay? I on 4-10 and this is my LVL ATM. If you could compare lv18 to an Abit step, what would the word contingency contract be might seem a little strange to most global players. The word was not widely used in the context of games. This verification will therefore give you all the relevant details about the emergency contract. First, let`s find some features of an emergency contract. Given the overlap of their goals with those of the Messengers of Disaster, as well as the historical concern of Messengers of Disaster, it is possible that the organization was founded by them. According to Ayerscarpe, the organization is nothing more than a platform that offers bonuses and sets goals to achieve, which means that Contingency Contract, although it is designed as a humanitarian organization, can connect mercenaries and hitmen and their customers and not check all contracts under its systems; He seems to believe that the otherwise well-regulated organization is affected by corruption to some extent. [2] Anyway, this will be the first run of Contingency Contract on Arknights` global servers, so it`s important to have fun and have this simple guide flood you! Hoping that. Good luck, doctors! Sometimes you may be wondering if you can prepare for the emergency contract. Below are the main tips you need to follow before starting the event. The Flex PVP feature will contain the second emergency contract event. In this function, Friend Support operators indicate the increase in the level of risk.

This is the level reached by the operator. There are also support contracts that facilitate operations by polishing user-friendly units, but keep in mind that using support contracts puts the risk at 0, even when combined with other contracts. Players can use support contracts just for fun and to take a break from the extreme difficulty of C.C., although some C.C missions (see below) can be completed with support contracts. [Note 1] The second event of the emergency contract will take place on the training ground. Usually, it will be there as an exercise. You will keep it even after the end of the emergency contract. When the event takes place, players can unlock certain contracts as follows, so you`re probably wondering, “What risks/contracts should I choose?” The short answer: It depends on the operators you have. As a thrust specialist, FEater does what you want it to do: repel enemies, immobilize them. However, your recommended skill level must be mastery 3 for their skill 1 to get more consistent automatic pushes.

Your skill 2 is also recommended to be at least level 7 for more accurate push strategies. Arknights offers events and updates to its players from time to time. These are a good source to increase the enthusiasm of players. But today we are going to discuss something else. Apart from the characters and events, this is where the contracts will be created, and there will be a game. It will offer players a host of advantages. So today we`re going to take a full tour of the details of Arknights` contingency contract. In each operation you will find a number of contracts. It corresponds to the barriers specified in Challenge mode.

In the daily rotation operation, there will be contracts changing daily. A risk level is assigned to each contract. It varies from one to three. It will show the difficulty of the Treaties. Players can select the contract based on their connection to the operation. The location of the rotating site is Barren Plaza. Since the contract worked, the maximum HP souls have been reduced to one. And all enemies have up to 50% attack range. The details of the level are, Friend support operators are not reset during the emergency contract, so find someone on your list with the support you need most and let them stay there throughout the event. You can always borrow what you`re missing in this case, you don`t have to worry about auto-provisioning requirements here.

This is not a typical choice. It appears in one of the highest clearings, which I think proves it is viable. There is also a bit of rng she uses as she has a 50% chance of recovering sp after using her skills. Although Silence can be a single-target healer, it`s her skill 2, her drone, that makes her amazing. Your drone makes its range more flexible as it can be used on any valid empty space and offers high burst healing when active in a 3×3 range. A risk level is assigned to each contract. The sum of all risk levels selected for surgery determines their overall risk level (this is what players mean when they say “risk 20”, for example). In addition, the result of C.C operations remains the same regardless of the number of health points left to the player (unless he uses the objective: Contract last line of defense, which reduces the hit point to 1), so it is sometimes better to let one or two enemies pass in C.C operations if you want to ensure victory. In the emergency contract lobby, you see two types of missions. These are emergency missions and long-term missions. There will be daily missions that will be updated daily at 04:00 (UTC). You can use the enterprise contract to activate contracts in a fixed phase.

The contract reward is used to redeem the rewards in the secret sanctuary. The emergency challenge can be used from the first to eighth level to get the event rewards faster by being challenging. Arknights offers players many exciting features. Today we have talked about a subject that is not normally addressed in this context. This is the emergency contract at Arknights. We discussed several points, including features, types of emergency contracts available, missions, rewards, and event preparation. We hope this guide will be really useful to you when you play the game. These were added with the second CC event. They essentially exist as a practice and persist after the end of the CC event. During the event, they can be used to unlock certain contracts. Players can unlock contracts for permanent operation via the enterprise contract. They can get it by completing the daily missions and the missions of the global event.

Day-to-day operating contracts are not concluded and are available. But there will be less chance of selecting it among the permanent operations. Here are some examples of mutually exclusive contracts: There is another type of contract called mutually exclusive contracts. In this case, players can only select one from the group. A risk level is assigned to each contract. The overall risk level is used to determine the transaction. It decides on the overall level of risk. Players usually call this risk 20. The conditional contracts available in the game are as follows: you can get the rewards from the contract rewards shop.

You can get them through event missions from Daily and Overall. It will include overall risk levels as well as special conditions and contracts. Here are some important points to consider: Each transaction has a set of [contracts] (similar to the restrictions that apply to challenge modes). For daily rotation operations, [contracts] change daily. Each [contract] is assigned a risk level between 1 and 3, which reflects the difficulty of the contract. Players choose the [contracts] they want to apply to the operation, and the overall risk level of the clearing is the sum of the risk level of each contract selected for the clearing. Here are some examples of contracts that might be available: It`s not that difficult if you want to make 18. This type only says for people who are over 18 years old. When his skill 2 is active, Lapland is a remote guard who can also automatically cause artistic damage and attack an additional target. While this is certainly very welcome, her talent for silencing enemy abilities is another reason why she is usually a very popular operator.

Subsequent events in the contingency contract will protect bosses from this talent, but it is nevertheless nice to have Lapland in general. This is the secret sanctuary. You can see the rewards shop here, Mostima can be considered a basic unit in Caster`s compositions thanks to his talent for increasing the gain of skill points for Caster in particular. While its Ability 3 is incredibly striking — much like a particular guard above — its Ability 2 is recommended for more reliable mass control due to shorter cooling and “mind-blowing” enemies within their reach. Starting October 20, 2021, C.C. will include nine seasons. Daily assignments and event assignments include success with overall risk levels or with specific contracts or conditions. Ch`en, which is mainly used for its skill 2, brings a strong epidemic of mixed damage.

You`d use it more as a quick redeployment, which unfortunately means its cost can increase exponentially and it may not be deployed on time when you need it. She also needs mastery 3 over her skill 2 to be able to use it immediately. If you have a girlfriend with her, cut it. At C.C. Barrenland, most contracts on the permanent site are initially available, while some need to be unlocked by entering into a number of contracts and/or expense operating agreements. .

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