Agreement with Travel Agency

You consent to the processing and disclosure of personal information about yourself and other members of your group that you have provided to us in accordance with the Terms and for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. You declare that you have read and accepted the terms of our Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website. The travel agent must keep all materials and goods contained in this travel agency contract in good condition. The travel agency offers companies and consumers the items listed in this contract in the context of package tours. In the event of a breach of the terms contained in this Agreement, the defendant has the option to terminate this Agreement. You should make sure you know all the health requirements and recommended precautions that are relevant to your trip, and make sure you have all the necessary vaccination documents with you. In some cases, failure to provide the required vaccination documents (e.g. B, proof of yellow fever vaccination) can prevent you from entering a country or invalidate your travel insurance coverage. We recommend that you contact your local doctor, travel doctor or specialized vaccination clinic before travelling. We are happy to provide you with details about travel clinics upon request. Please tell us about any special requirements you have for your travel arrangements, such as.

B, special requests for food and seating, room type or access. Please understand that travel service providers may not be able to respond to all requests. Incentives do not apply to all rates, including but not limited to mileage plan premium bookings, non-refundable and non-changeable rates (para. B Saver fares), Alaska Airlines vacation packages, travel fares, the most discounted first class fares and many privately submitted fares. All travel must be booked in the appropriate class of service for incentives to apply. Incentives are only valid at the time of purchase and cannot be applied retroactively. We reserve the right to refuse personal cheques as a means of payment. After full payment, the terms of the contract with your supplier may allow them to increase the cost of your arrangements. If we act as a booking agent, we will send you such an increase as soon as we become aware of such an increase. If we have arranged a package, changes in transportation costs, including fuel costs, taxes, fees and exchange rates, mean that the price of your travel arrangements may change after you have paid in full.

Definition of confidential information. The agency may use the Alaskan name for internal communication with its employees. Any other use of the Alaska name or logo must be approved in writing by Alaska. Even if the host agency belongs to your best friend, you want to make sure that there is a contract between your agency and the host agency (do you want to know who all these host agencies are? Look no further.) To protect your company`s autonomy, make sure the contract wording recognizes you (or your agency) as an independent contractor. If you are considered an employee in the eyes of the IRS, there may be problems for you on the road. Not all independent travel agency contracts are created equal. Like any business, hospitality agencies vary in size and amount of resources at their disposal. They may not spend most of their time creating the perfect contract for their integrated circuits. Independent travel agency contracts are not universal (just like hosts!).

Well, I`m here to make things a lot easier. I consulted with industry experts; First, Peter Lobasso, General Counsel of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), and Jackie Friedman, Director of the Professional Association of Travel Hosts (PATH) and President of the Nexion Hospitality Agency. Thanks to their ideas, you know what to expect in an IC/host agency contract. The Travel Agency undertakes to take out and maintain adequate insurance with [Company.Name] as “Other Insureds” for the duration of this Contract. In this case, each party refuses to renew this agreement, the agreement will be concluded on the day of rejection. 3. Commission Compensation: According to Friedman, “the agreement should include a list of all compensation payments for compensation. This list would include direct debits, commission reminder, customer refunds, chargebacks. “When it comes to deducting commission payments, you can answer these questions: Long story? If you think your host has defaulted on their commissions, the cost of continuing a dispute (lost time, travel expenses, hiring an out-of-state attorney) may very well exceed the amount of reimbursement you are (may or may not) be granted to you if the jurisdiction is outside the state. Failure to obtain or provide proof of insurance will be deemed the reason for termination of this Agreement at the Company`s discretion. The parties agree not to transfer or sell any part of this Agreement without the prior written consent of the party requesting such action.

In the event that the Company becomes aware of a breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement, it has the right to terminate this Travel Agency Agreement in its entirety. It is not uncommon for agents to cooperate with host agencies outside their country of residence. For this reason, it is important to understand what your contract provides in relation to the state responsible for any controversy arising from the treaty. Often, but not always, the state of jurisdiction is where the host is located, because it is the host who drafts the contract. That is, if you have to take legal action against the host agency (or vice versa), the host may have the house advantage. Non-exclusive equitable remedy. Each party acknowledges and agrees that due to the uniqueness of the Confidential Information, there can be no reasonable remedy for any breach of its obligations under this Agreement, that such breach or threat of breach may allow either party or third party to engage in unfair competition with the other party, causing irreparable harm to that party. and therefore, that in the event of a breach or threat of such breach, each party shall be entitled to fair and unjust reasonable relief from a court of competent jurisdiction, without the need to prove actual loss, in addition to any remedies that either party may have before an arbitrator prior to arbitration or equity under the arbitration provision of the Travel Agency Ticketing Contract. Any breach of this provision constitutes a material breach of the Travel Agency Ticketing Contract and constitutes immediate termination of the Travel Agency Ticketing Contract at the sole discretion of the non-infringing party. For all trips, we strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance to cover your travel arrangements.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid travel insurance that covers and suits your needs. Travel insurance is a mandatory part of some travel arrangements. We are not responsible for any losses incurred by you if and to the extent that you can assert claims for damages under travel insurance. We can arrange travel insurance for you or provide you with a quote or general information about the travel insurance options available to you. Assignments. The Agency may not assign any rights or delegate any service under the Travel Agency Ticketing Agreement without the prior written consent of Alaska. Entire Agreement. These Terms and Conditions, together with the Travel Agency Ticketing Contract, contain all agreements and understandings between the parties with respect to the subject matter of the Travel Agency Ticketing Contract and supersede all prior written or oral negotiations, statements and agreements between the parties with respect to such subject matter. Each party acknowledges that no representation, inducement, promise or agreement has been made by either party, orally or otherwise. No other agreement, representation or commitment not contained in these Terms and Conditions or in the Travel Agency Ticketing Contract, and no change or modification of the Travel Agency Ticketing Contract shall be effective unless written and signed by both parties. This may not apply to many agents at home.

But if you are the exception, not the rule (you rebel, you), the rental price must be clearly indicated in your contract, with a breakdown of equipment (desk, chair, etc.) and services (e.B. internet). According to Anita Pagliasso, President of PATH: “To the extent required by PATH in an IC agreement, there are model contracts published by ASTA with guidelines that contain terms, conditions and commission details that are clearly stated. We have provided PATH members with a copy of the agreement recommended by ASTA. After leaving the United States, it is your responsibility to check with the airline whether subsequent flights you have confirmed will be operated as booked. .

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