Agreement of Colour Adjectives in French

When you learn French, color names are one of the first things you study. Getting adjectives that match the noun they are changing is not easy. Learn more about French grammar with us. Do you still have problems with “Colorojective Matching”? Do you want to improve your French? Try our online French lessons and get a free placement! In French, adjectives must generally correspond to nouns that they modify in gender and number. However, there are many adjectives that do not match – they have a unique form that does not change to reflect gender or the number of nouns. These are called immutable adjectives. Tips for learning “Color Lens Matching”? Share them with us! Understand the rule of French farbadjectives and practice your French clothing vocabulary with many examples written by my French student Skype Robyn. If a color uses multiple colors, color lenses are immutable. This is a case where an agreement is useful because it gives you more details than what is available in the English translation. b. These adjectives derived from nouns follow the normal rules of correspondence of adjectives: French adjectives of simple colors correspond to the noun that they modify in gender and number. If the color adjectives are changed by another adjective or noun, the adjectives are immutable:a skirt light gray light gray rock gloves dark purple glovesa color red-orange red red red eyes blue-green blue-green eyesa car green apple apple green cards flowers red tomato red flowers If two or more colors describe a noun, they may or may not agree:1) If there are objects of each individual The color gives, The adjectives correspond: 2) If each element has all the colors, the adjectives are immutable More Practice the position of the colors AFTER the noun in English: Most simple colors in English change their endings to match the word (noun) they describe. Z.B.: The green pencil = the green pencil The green pencils = the green pencils The green car = the green car Green cars = the green cars For homework, I asked Robyn to check the extended vocabulary list on clothes in my audiobook “A Moi Paris L2” (Chapter 4), to write the exact rules about colorjectives in French in my audio lesson on French adjectives (Chapter 5) and sentences, that describe what they would wear on certain occasions (and to be creative!).

However, some color ajectives are immutable, which means they never change spelling (they don`t match the name they change). The following correlation table summarizes how colored adjectives follow the French grammar rule with singular masculine nouns and plural masculine nouns. The meaning of the sentence can change the spelling of adjectives. When colors are used as adjectives*, they usually have to match the nouns that change them in gender and number, but there are a few notable exceptions. The following color adjectives are exceptions because they correspond in gender and number: when used as adjectives, colors follow the general rule of French grammar to match the noun they describe. This general rule states that colors in French must correspond to different genders (woman / man) and numbers (singular / plural). There are four cases that apply to color matching in French: you may also like Sharon`s blog on adjectives that describe people`s appearance and personality, my blog on clothing in Paris and French Underwear Vocabulary. You can see here how the French agreement adds useful information that is missing in English, which needs clarification to avoid confusion. Some colors do NOT change their endings in French. They are called “immutable”. Orange + Brown (brown) + ALL color combinations are immutable.

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