Superstar Guitars IAS Department

At Superstar Guitars we pride ourselves with a large number of autographed and very rare guitars which are not only exciting to own and display, they are also investments that increase in value over time. But value is a direct result of authenticity. Some collectors prefer to own only those items they have seen signed themselves. Most serious collectors and customers buy their autographed items from reputable dealers with excellent long standing reputations for quality and integrity.

We urge you to consider several important criteria when purchasing an autographed item such as a reliable source, a certificate of authenticity, COA or any similar papers, evidence etc. Each seller of an autographed item which is showcased at our house has filed documentation, backed by a signed affidavit, as to where and when it was obtained.

Experienced autograph collectors know that it’s very difficult to verify a celebrity signature. Sometimes autographs are obtained “On The Run”, when famous artists are moving while signing. In signing sessions, when an artist is signing a number of objects, there is a natural variance in the slant, pitch, spacing and articulation of letters in their signature. But exemplars, or true and accurate signature examples, still remain a reliable standard in the industry.

Our experts examines each and every signature against a library of exemplars, with its knowledge of signing circumstances and artist idiosyncracies to further evaluate the integrity of the autograph. Remember, you aren’t just buying an autographed product, you are also buying part of the reputation of the company selling it. Here at Superstar Guitars you can make your purchase with confidence and know you are getting the highest quality possible.