What Is a Non Objective Statement

Do you also know what the difference is between objective art and non-figurative art? Objective art is a work of art that depicts easily recognizable themes. It is also known as figurative or figurative art. Non-objective works of art have no identifiable forms or recognizable themes. Non-figurative art is abstract or non-figurative art. It tends to be geometric and does not represent specific objects, people, or other subjects found in the natural world. One of the best-known non-objective artists is Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), a pioneer of abstract art. The first level of approach to art is to learn to LOOK at it. In art, it is especially important to develop an informed or objective opinion, rather than simply developing an instinctive reaction. An objective view is one that focuses on the physical properties of the object as the primary source of information.

Non-figurative art is not based on things you see in the real world. Often these are elements of geometry, and you can see that this is called geometric abstraction. It is a kind of abstract art where artists are not interested in representing recognizable objects of visible reality. .

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